Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Beach!!!

We spent a week in Fenwick, Delaware in the middle of June and it was awesome!!  My parents went with us, and we had such a great time!  I feel like it was our first week at the beach in two years.  We went to Figure Eight Island when John James was about eight weeks old, which was in 2014(!), so yeah, almost two years!  Insane.

We spent the week in John's family's house in Fenwick, bayside, about a 10 minute walk to the beach, including crossing the main road.   The week flew by, like vacations always do.  It seems like the first day takes forever, the traveling, the inconsistent sleep in a new place, up at the crack of dawn, etc., and then all of a sudden three quarters of the week is over and it's like - what?!!!

Although we had some rainy mornings, most afternoons were awesome, and we went to the beach every day except for one.  We walked up for ice cream almost every night, and had either coffee on the roof deck in the mornings or drinks after the kids were in bed.  My dad had coffee and breakfast ready for us every morning, Parker went into my parents room when she woke up. I slept in till 7 a.m. EVERY DAY FOR A WEEK!!!  Now, that is a vacation!

We did all the classics like crabbing, walking the Boardwalk and eating Thrashers fries and Dumsers Frozen Custard, eating Fishers Popcorn, getting ice cream from The Candy Kitchen, walking the canals for exercise, shopping at local stores in Delaware (The Country Store is awesome!), and visitng the ocean morning and evening.

The kids didn't love the water, but, they weren't afraid of the sand, so it worked out.  It was probably easier to not get in the water, actually.  It was pretty cold, and rough most of the days.  We had a lot of fun building sand castles and looking at the ocean.  Parker even got brave and put her feet in a few times.  John James made it as far as the top of the crest of almost-wet sand.

At the end of the week some of our old neighbors from Arlington, the Gallaghers, came down to hang out.  They were up in Bethany so it was a quick trip and it was so fun to see their three girls.  And on our last day we threw a little birthday party for John James/mini family reunion with a bunch of family that lives in the area and that were in town.  It was so awesome to see everyone!!

We seriously left with tears in our eyes as we drove over the bridges on our way home.  It was a great, relaxing, and fun week and we can't wait to go again next year !

DAY 1:
  Morning one: 5:30 a.m.  Yes, we were awake.






And, my attempt at getting a cute summer pic!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

So Far In June...

So far in June we've had a pretty great time.  I haven't crossed too many things off my RVA Summer To-Do List, but we're only a few weeks in.  

We are enjoying dinners al-fresco on the deck, and lots of playing in the back yard. 

John James wore flip-flops for the first time!

We've been checking out the pool at our new Club, and we went to our first Tot Tuesday, where the menu is super kid-friendly and there are games and such for the kids outside.  Such a great idea! 

First trip to the pool! 

And we went to the 'Broad Appetit' festival with my SIL and her family (I guess I haven't mentioned - we moved in two streets over from them! It's so nice to be super close to family, and to have the kids grow up together!).  Parker looooooves her "girl cousins," "and baby Marshall, too" and John James calls Wingrove, 'Wee Wee' and follows her around everywhere. 

 First bites of King of Pops popsicles.  They were cold! But they loved them.

Tired kids after a hot morning at the festival!

With his arm around his cousin.  But at his height and her height it looks hilarious!!